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FTP… For The People

Chef Sammy D lives (and cooks!) by the letters FTP, his culinary motto. Wondering what exactly it means? We thought it’d be best to hear it straight from Sammy D…

Q: How did FTP come about?

Sammy D: Well, I LOVE acronyms, it’s funny that they have become so much more common and trendy. I consider myself a Blue Collar Chef and what I do is cook “for the people”, so I made it an acronym. FTP in essence should be more common that LOL or OMG…lol.

Q: What does it mean to you?

Sammy D: I believe in taking ordinary food and making it extraordinary! My formula for a no brainer ball busting menu is just combining simple foods with good ingredients and good techniques. I want people to choose any item on the menu and be impressed. Food is all about making people HAPPY!

Q: Can you give one example of an ordinary food made extraordinary?

Sammy D: Philly Cheese Steak Dumplings. I took a basic mainstream food and put it in a different “wrapper”, resulting in something that is visually appealing and decadent tastings with remnants of the nostalgic flavors people are so familiar with.


For The People

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